The Right Thing to Do

In a moral universe, the most important question you can ask is, “What is the right thing to do?” 

It must be depressing to you, therefore, to live in a world where is seems that question is seldom on the top of people’s minds.  The question for you, then, is, “Will you give up and go along with the spirit of the age, or will you resist that spirit and walk your own way with God?”  (In other words, “What is the right thing to do?”)

The temptation to ask other questions besides, “What is the right thing to do?” is great.  Here are some of the other questions substituted by the spirit of the age: 

“What will make me the most money?”

“What will make me the most friends?”

“What will cause me the least embarrassment?”

“What will bring me the most prestige?”

“What will be the most convenient thing to do?”

These are just a few.  The spirit of the age has many more.  If you stay fixed on the right question, however, you will be surprised how much inner strength and character you attain and retain. 

May God bless you in your question-asking, for you and I (and the whole human race) were sent here for this very purpose: that we should be God’s regents here on earth, continuously asking ourselves that question and then thinking, speaking, and acting on the answers.  To the degree that we do, God is glorified on the earth as He is in heaven.

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