Truth Is God’s Faithfulness

I have written elsewhere on this blog that Truth Is Reality.  Another way of expressing this is that truth is God’s faithfulness. 

The laws of science are laws because God is faithful to make them operate reliably.  Were He not faithful, there would be chaos in nature rather than order.  Because God is dependable, airplanes can fly.  They could have flown thousands of years ago if man at that time had discovered enough of God’s laws of nature to conceive, build, and operate the planes.  Nothing changed in the natural order during the 20th Century to allow flight.  God has always been faithful; it was man’s knowledge that changed.

Atheists attempt to de-personalize the laws of science.  The reality is that nothing could be more personal than the laws of science.  They are demonstration of the faithfulness of our Creator.  Such demonstration should serve to make us more willing to trust Him in the matters of our personal lives, so it is particularly lamentable when that purpose is stripped from nature.

To further demonstrate the connection between truth and God’s faithfulness, consider this:  The Hebrew word “emeth” is sometimes translated in our English Bibles as “truth” and sometimes as “faithfulness.”  If you read the passages in which this word occurs, you can see that the two English words are virtually interchangeable.

You do not have to acquiesce to the doubt of this age.  Truth is truth and it is not relative from one person to the next.  Truth is unshakeable because God is unshakably faithful.  That is, the Person with whom you have chosen to have a personal relationship is the source and substance of all truth.  He is a Rock.

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