Great Things He Hath Done

How powerfully helpful it is to remember the great things God has done for us – collectively and individually!

He has set us to live in the majesty of His creation.  Someone recently paid $40 million for a painting of a sunflower, yet God gives actual sunflowers throughout creation that even the poorest of humanity may enjoy.  He set us to live not on a flat surface but on the optical illusion of a flat surface.  The reality is that we are on the side of a ball that is spinning around at up to 1,000 miles per hour while it revolves around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour, keeping pace with the entire Milky Way galaxy at over 400,000 miles per hour, and who knows what else.  It’s dizzying just to think that this is our reality, while God has made the streams to seem peaceful (I would have expected the water to slosh out at the rates of speed we’re moving).

Then consider the even more impressive redemptive work He has done for us!  He has forgiven us all our sins and made a place for us in heaven with Himself.  Though we were created subordinate to the angels yet we’ll live above them throughout the rest of eternity.  This salvation includes our ability through Christ to overcome sin in this life, and receive God’s care for all our needs.

Then we come to the specific things God has done for each of us, and we each have our own long list.  How good He has been!  Keep reviewing your list.

We will not be ungrateful, we will not be forgetful.  Those who forget become weak in their faith and susceptible to all the doubts, fears, and sins that have plagued humanity for ages.  Let us throw off the shackles of ingratitude and keep our minds filled day after day with vivid memories of the great things God hath done for us.

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