Cultivating the Fear of God

In our day and age, the “fear of God” may sound to some like an anachronistic concept.  Of course, that helps explain the decadence of our day and age.  If we would be less decadent, less wicked, less perverse, less off-track, then we would do well to cultivate the fear of God.

Let’s start with the object of the fear:  God.  Specifically, God as revealed through Jesus Christ.  A Person – kind, faithful…and Almighty.  What a combination!

Next, let’s consider fear.  When you think of fearing Jesus Christ, it doesn’t evoke a cowering fear since you know He does not want to do you harm.  Yet, He is all-powerful and He is judge of all.  He rules over all the events of heaven and earth.  Therefore, the best synonym for “fear” in this context would be “reverence.”  Another appropriate synonym would be “awe.”  And in some cases, it’s appropriate to think of “trembling.”  All these are feelings you would have if you were brought to meet a very important person on earth.  How much more, then, would it be normal to have these attitudes toward God.

As we regard Jesus Christ in this way, we see Him more clearly and accurately.  As a result of seeing Him better, our reverence for Him deepens.  And our appreciation for his qualities increases.  Along the way, our fear becomes faith because that is the appropriate expression of fear, awe, reverence, and trembling toward someone so trustworthy as Jesus.  Thus, the more we cultivate the fear of God the more we realize that true fear of God is faith in Him.  Another way of defining faith is the absence of doubt.  When we reverence God to the full extent, there is no room for doubt.  If you truly understand God’s nature, it is impossible to revere Him without trusting Him.  Thus, to cultivate  the fear of God is to cultivate faith in Him.

Therefore , cultivate the habitual thought of God’s greatness and His mercy.  This will deepen in you day by day by day.  Fearing God will one day be as natural to you as disregarding Him was in the past.

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  1. this isquite an interesting blog,i like what you say about fearing God but its quite unfortunate for those who choose not to fear God but continue to live in the bondages of sin but just like many of us who want to learn thru their own experience i jst hope they wll end up making the right choices in fearing God and submiting thei lives to him.

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