Return to the God of Your Childhood

Remember how, as a child, you talked to God?  Remember your innocence.  Remember also that when you felt guilty, you humbly asked Him to forgive you.  What happened to that childlike faith?  The good news is that you can recover it.  In fact, this is precisely the way God wants you to live before Him.

Don’t think that such behaviors are beneath you now.  Don’t think that you’ve outgrown them.  This sort of behavior is precisely what will restore you to God and bring back the sense of peace and well-being that has otherwise eluded you for so long.

Everything you needed to know about God, you learned when you were five years old.  Return to those practices.  Return to that devotion.  Return to that vulnerability before Him.  Return to that tender heart you had before God – that heart that wanted to do the right thing.

Don’t pray to God and live before Him as a grown-up.  Do so as a five-year-old.  In addition to putting you right with God, this will make you behave more maturely with other people.

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