What Is God’s Life Like?

What is it like to be God?  We’d have no way of knowing except that He has given us a detailed picture of it.

The detailed picture is the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  The way we treated Jesus is the way we treat God.  That is, God quietly goes about doing good things for people.  Nevertheless, He experiences complete rejection by the very people whom He serves.  With Jesus this happened once.  With God, it happens continuously.  It’s the way it was in the garden of Eden.  It’s the way it is now.  And it’s the way it’s been in between.  Dwelling on this gives us a greater appreciation for the patience and forbearance of God.

The reason God could predict so accurately through the Scriptures how Jesus would be treated once He was born was that it was God’s constant experience.  He knew that putting on flesh and living as a human being would not alter the treatment He was receiving if He acted in the same spirit.  Of course, He had to act in the same spirit – He couldn’t help Himself.  It’s His nature to love and turn the other cheek.

No one could convince us that we were treating God shabbily.  He had to don human identity for us to prove to ourselves that we actually treat God with contempt most of the time.  Do you say that you would never reject God if He walked into your home?  He’s in your home now – how are you treating Him?

Therefore, the next time you think about the suffering of Jesus recognize that what He experienced in one human lifetime, He has been experiencing for all time.  He who turned the other cheek on earth, turns it from heaven as well.  He always has. He always will.

What sort of lives then do we owe Him in response to His limitless love?

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