What Is Your Status with God?

Because of what Jesus Christ did long before any of us were born, we are all children of God.  We were conceived and born into this world as children of God.  It was not a decision we made. Rather, it was a decision that He made, and from which we benefit.

People expend a lot of energy in life uselessly trying to achieve this status with God. or persuade others of this status.  Just as you did not achieve it, neither can it be taken away from you.

Neither can you take this status away from any other human being.  All human beings are legitimate children of God.

What distinguishes us from others in the sight of God, therefore, is not our status, but rather our obedience.  How obedient are you being…today? 

Obedience is such a variable.  First of all, obedience is always varying among the children of God.  We can watch the news and figure we’re being more obedient than most people.   But only God can judge individual behaviors so we’re wasting our time in that exercise.  Even in the one life you live, obedience can vary.  Just because we were obedient to God yesterday does not mean we are today.  God judges according to the degree of knowledge we have of His will.  For this reason, He judges us as adults more strictly than He did when we were children.  The longer we live, the more clear our sense of right and wrong.

Therefore, as you look to God today, revel in your glorious status as His child.  However, be ready for His reproof with regard to your obedience.  He is patient with us.  Just because we repented of one bad habit last week doesn’t mean He won’t this week bring to our minds another bad habit we should forsake.  This could go on a long time and we should have the patience for it because it’s all for our good.  The more frequently we turn to Him, the more rapidly we can be improved.   

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