Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, or Church?

It will do you no good to move from the mosque, synagogue, or temple to church.  At best, all such groups are gatherings of well-intentioned people who are confused about what God really expects from them.  At worst, they are dens of hypocrisy, fomenting distrust of anyone not in the group.

What each one of us needs is an active relationship with God – not a relationship with a group who says they have special status with God.  We human beings are all children of God – how much more status do we need?

How do you relate to God?  Just turn to Him in your heart.  He’s the same God you’ve known all your life and who has known you for all  your life.  He’s the God who’s helped you in difficult times.  He’s the God who’s shown you the right way to live.  He’s the God you’ve ignored to your own peril.  He’s the God who makes all of the laws of physics operate with precision.  He’s the God who keeps you planted on the earth even though it’s a spinning, traveling sphere.  His name is Jesus and He’s the One described in the Old and New Testaments, but He will answer to any name by which He’s called as long as it’s called in sincerity.  There is only one God.  If you’re praying to the Supreme Being, He’ll receive it.

If you do go to a mosque, synagogue, temple, or church, speak truth to one another.  It’s not the fellowship that spiritually edifies you – it’s the speaking of, and listening to, truth that does.

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