We’ve Substituted Declarations of Faith for Righteousness

Why do we think that professing our faith does any good with God?

You have been told that if you tell others, “I am a Christian,” or “I have been born again,” that God will be pleased.  You have also been told that the there is rejoicing in heaven when such declarations are made.  You have even been told that making these professions of faith either enter you into the family of God or are proof that you have entered into the family of God.  None of these things are true.

Because Jesus Christ redeemed the entire human race, you’ve been in the family of God since the moment you were conceived.  As for rejoicing in heaven, that happens as you repent from sin and do what is right.  Same goes for God being pleased. 

If you are being a bad parent, professing Christianity will make no difference.  However, if you begin to treat your children like you would want to be treated if your roles were reversed, then the angels will rejoice and God will be pleased. 

God wants righteousness from us – not religion.

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