Friendship with God

Being a friend of God – the very idea staggers the human imagination.  That God would condescend to be our friend…and not even consider it condescension!  What an incredible antidote for a lonely world.

Any good friendship is, of course, built on common interests.  Fortunately, God has made clear what His interests are.  His passion is righteousness – that is, doing the right things in life.  Avoiding temptation, turning away from evil of every kind.  Keeping our hearts completely pure.  This is why His commandments are so important.  They embody these ideas.  Therefore, keeping His commandments brings us into alignment with God’s interests.  And He’s made clear that if we live this way, He will provide everything else we need.  Jesus demonstrated this in His earthly life on many occasions, including one where He fed a crowd of five thousand people having started out with not even enough servings to feed His twelve disciples.

Take advantage of the amazing opportunity God is granting to each of us – to be His friend and enjoy His company.  If you take this on, you will find Him speaking to your heart as if you were face to face – just the way any two good friends talk.  It’s a relationship that will transform your life.

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2 Replies to “Friendship with God”

  1. ‘Friendship with God – It’s a relationship that will transform your life.’

    Is it too good to be true?

    Lately I’m thinking God is such a good friend who is always listening to me, no matter what I’m thinking of on my mind. He alone is always able to make me ‘forget about the world’ (He reminds me of what is inside when the whole world is turning black), that is, I pray (by laying all my troubles and worries on His shoulders), until I see Him…and no one else.
    When I’m lost for words and just want to tell Him nothing, it’s all right with the Lord as well. If there are a million other reasons to leave, He is always right there where I am…

    Briefly, He is the best friend imaginable in every way!

  2. You’ll never have to look around if you ever need a friend who’s never gonna let you down. There’s no failure in God [so don’t you ever call yourself a failure since God has chosen you 😉 ] because He never fails.
    Nonetheless, don’t wonder if everything changes as soon as the Lord is the only navigator of your ship called life.

    First, your way of thinking will change, that is, His Love might confuse your thinking habits completely. However, there is no way back to your past, when you walk alongside with Him in your life and you really do love Him…You never want to let go though it is a dangerous thing that makes your sight blurry… [i.e., you forget everything you thought to be important before – this world and earthly things – and you become focused on His Love alone].

    Second, you must get used to the fact that you’ll never understand His thoughts and ways (Is 55:8-9), nor His sudden commands (Dt 28:1; Ps 95:7-8) which He never explains. Sometimes I still try to interpret dreams, happenings, or signs. But most of the time, it doesn’t work at all. And I keep asking Him who rarely answers the way I want Him to respond.
    Indeed, there’s so much I’d like to say or ask crazy things about a sign everyday… 🙂

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