Truth Is Reality

It would be funny if it were not sad to see so many people today deny the existence of truth.  They’ll either say truth is relative, meaning it can vary from person to person.  Or they’ll shrug as if truth is an antiquated concept, completely out of place in modern times.  Yet truth is something they are bumping into all day long, only they call it by another name: reality.  It’s like watching someone say they don’t believe in walls while they are covered in bruises from continually bumping into these walls.  

Truth is reality.  Truth is the way things are.  I’ve heard atheistic evolutionists completely dismiss the idea that God exists or that He created and controls the universe, and in the same speech say that they prefer to put their faith in the laws of physics.  Who do they think created and enforces these laws?   They embrace edicts of the king but eschew the opportunity to be friends with Him.  Another way to say it is that they embrace His lower laws and ignore His higher ones.  Yet another way to say it is that they’re willing to avoid bumping into some walls, but not all of them.

Jesus Christ puts a face on truth.  He is the one who decided what the laws of physics would be and makes sure that no one repeals them.  He does this out of love, for only in this way can we have a rational and ordered universe in which to live.  How frightful life would be – just to take one example – if we never knew if, where, or when we were going to see the sun next!

A person can deny the existence of truth until he is blue in the face, but truth is reality and he is encountering that every moment of his life.  Even if blindly.

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10 Replies to “Truth Is Reality”

  1. (Atheistic evolutionists) prefer to put their faith in the laws of physics.

    One does not need “faith” to hold the laws of physics sound. There’s a reason they’re called laws, and it has to do with explainability and predictability. Do you have “faith” that when you jump up, you’ll come back down?

    Who do they think created and enforces these laws?

    Who? If there’s any “who,” such a being or beings remain hidden from us.

    We have a pretty good notion of “what” created the laws. No “who” needed.

    They embrace the edicts of the king but eschew the opportunity to be friends with Him.

    Cthulu doesn’t want to be friends.

    Or were you referring to Zeus? He picks his friends.

    Or were you referring to Allah?

    Or perhaps Yahweh?

    You see, there are millions of candidates claiming your king title.

    And therein lies the fault of your argument. You’ve simply begged the question that it’s your particular deity – Jesus – who’s behind it all, when there’s plenty of other candidates whom your argument works just as well for.

    He’s more than welcome to come down – right now – and settle the question. Lots of people on earth seem to be confused.

    1. He did come down…two thousand years ago. History records it (Why the Bible Can Be Trusted). He explained Himself in the humblest of ways by becoming one of us, and therefore one with us. He settled the question you raise in most dramatic fashion by responding to rejection with the greatest of power (resurrection from the dead) and the continuation of His love toward those who rejected Him (Everyone Is Going to Heaven). There is no other god or would-be god like Him.

  2. Lots of gods or their representatives have “come down”. History “records” them too (e.g., Book of Mormon/Historicity). Some even arrived before Jesus did. Yet, despite all these visits there’s undoubtedly mass confusion about just “who” created the laws of the universe, so it seems merely stopping by for a brief time in the distant past is not very convincing to people. Why not come down – now – and stay here?

    In any case, science has shown we don’t need a who to explain the universe. A what does just fine.

    1. You seem to argue that because there are conflicting claims about the true God that none of them can be true. That’s quite a leap. Similarly, you seem to suggest that because humanity is confused about the issue, then there must be no answer. I hope no one ever tries to steal your identity because as soon as they do, according to your logic, it will prove you never existed.

      You are right to say that science does not need a who to explain the universe, but you take yet another leap when you then conclude that must mean there is no who. Science is inadequate to explain the who just as the horse is inadequate to explain the rider. This doesn’t mean that science and the horse can’t be enormously useful – they’re just limited.

      As for coming down in our day and age, Jesus is doing just that. He is with you now (Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again and The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now). He loves you as much as He loves me or anyone else. And that’s a lot.

  3. You seem to argue that because there are conflicting claims about the true God that none of them can be true.

    This would be an incorrect reading of my argument. Rather, I’m saying that your claims for why Jesus is behind the laws of the universe are equally attributable to hundreds of other deities. How do you propose to eliminate these rival claimants? What you’ve offered so far doesn’t seem to have settled the question.

    You are right to say that science does not need a who to explain the universe, but you take yet another leap when you then conclude that must mean there is no who.

    Again, incorrect. There could be a who, but it had no involvement in “drafting” the laws of the universe. This is a possibility.

    As for Jesus being with us now, I’m sorry, but I see scant evidence of that. We need more than your say-so.

    1. If I have the original, I do not need to examine all – or any – of the copies to know that they are not the original.

      Jesus’ claims would be utterly scandalous if they were not true. I have examined His claims and found them credible. As someone wiser than me has said,

      A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus
      said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic-on a
      level with the man who says he is a poached egg-or else he would be the
      Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the
      Son of God: or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a
      fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His
      feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come with any patronising
      nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to
      us. He did not intend to.
      (C.S. Lewis, 1898-1963)

      Further, if Jesus was not raised from the dead then Christianity is a delusion and His followers to be pitied (me included). However, I have read the New Testament and found it more credible than any newscast through which we routinely accept as facts all sorts of events which we have never seen with our own eyes. Therefore, I accept His resurrection as fact (The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Changed Everything).

      You can reject my say-so if you want. If you do, however, you won’t be rejecting me but rather the entirety of the New Testament community who bore witness to Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit who bears witness to your heart even as you read this. You will cease your struggle with this when you become more determined to know the truth than to find acceptance and approval from people.

      But as I said before, rest easy because Everyone Is Going to Heaven.

  4. It’s my search for the truth that leads to a firm conviction there is no divinity behind the Bible. There may be a god or gods out there, but I strongly doubt a one as described by the Bible exists. And yes, I’ve even read the likes of C.S. Lewis. His trilemma argument is flawed.

    Do you realize you’re rejecting the perfect work of the Qu’ran? No mere shepherd could possibly have written it. Or so the Muslims claim. You see? Your claims are not so unique. Every one of them is mirrored in another religion. The Holy Spirit bears witness to your heart on the Book of Mormon. Ask any LDS and they’ll tell you.

    1. Your recurring theme is that you can’t believe anyone because everyone isn’t saying the same thing. That being the case, I don’t see how I can help you.

  5. With respect, I’m not clear how you came to view that as my recurring theme. Even if everyone was saying the same thing, it doesn’t necessarily make it true. That’s a fallacy (argumentum ad populum).

    What I’m saying is that your claims about Jesus are nothing new. So, in effect, everyone is saying the same thing, but about different gods! This was recognized very early in Christian history. As church father Justin Martyr said, “When we say that Jesus Christ was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended to heaven, we propound nothing new or different from what you believe regarding those whom you call the sons of Jupiter.” (I leave it to you to uncover Martyr’s explanation for this…it’s quite far-fetched, to say the least.)

    Your “truth” isn’t so clear-cut, it seems.

    1. I don’t deny that some aspect of Jesus’ claims may be similar to this deity’s, or that some other aspect of Jesus’ claims may be like that deity’s. But this is very different from saying that all claims for deity are the same (which is what you seem to be saying). Indeed there are many would-be deities, but their claims vary widely – and this is a help in sorting the possible from the improbable.

      Very specifically, Jesus claimed to be sent by the Creator of the universe as the Messiah who had been promised through the revered national documents of ancient Israel – a nation whose existence and documents are undeniably historical and whose proofs transcend sectarian squabbling. All would-be deities do not make this same claim to be Israel’s Messiah. Even so, I concede that Jesus is not the only person to have ever made this specific claim. I simply maintain that He’s the only person who has ever made this claim accurately. Even if you disagree on that crucial point, you should do so on His case and His case alone. Whether there is one other, or a thousand others, making His same claims is irrelevant to whether or not He is telling the truth (unless you believe that one of the other claimants is the one and only fulfillment of the messianic promise – but this postion you have not taken).

      The Jesus I am declaring to you could not be more clear cut. You either believe His claims or you don’t. If you say that you’re overwhelmed by would-be deities vying for your attention and you don’t have time to check out all their claims, my response is: do yourself a favor and check out His, for you will never need to examine another after that.

      I am not asking you to accept a church (Church Is Not the Answer), nor am I asking you to accept a creed or any human leader (me included). I am presenting to you a Person – Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, invisible to the human eye but knowable by the human heart. Oh, and if you do decide to believe, Don’t Tell Anyone You’re a Christian Right Away.

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