Where Are Your Deceased Loved Ones?

Your deceased loved ones are in heaven – all of them.  Because of the work of Jesus Christ, death has ceased to be descent into the sleep of a netherworld and is now an ascent into heaven.

What is like life for them in heaven?  They are like angels, being neither male nor female, and live as ageless beings, not needing marriage as a way to extend the resurrected human race.  They are doing just fine.  You are the only one in any peril, and that will last only as long as you are on earth.

 Live the rest of your time on earth in the awareness of God and in gratitude for the eternal life He has granted to you and to all those you love.  Express your gratitude with a repentant heart and live each day sacrificing your desires for the needs of others.  Never shed another tear for your loved ones – only rejoice that your hope of reunion is sure.

For a longer post on this subject, see Everyone Is Going to Heaven .  For those who would like a fuller explanation from the Bible that everyone is going to heaven, I am posting online a book:  The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven.

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