The God of All Kindness

Think of the kindest person you’ve ever met.  In fact, think of the three kindest people you’ve ever met.  Got them in mind?  God is more kind than all of them.  His kindness is staggering.

There are people who think God is nonexistent, or absent, or not caring – when what’s actually happening is that He is being kind and patient.  In many of these cases, He’s simply waiting for you to repent.  That’s right, it’s the kindness of God that leads  you to repent.

Our sins take us down all sorts of pleasurable roads that lead to horrible dead-ends.  When we finally crash, we’re prone to think, “Where’s God?”  Our gall is stunning:  We not only ignore His advice about how to live, we blame Him for the disasters we’ve created.  Still, His kindness waits for us to repent. 

If God weren’t kind, we would have destroyed ourselves a long time ago.  I’m serious.  His interventions have kept us from making things far worse.

I appeal to you now:  live your life on a road of repentance toward Him.  You don’t have to talk with anyone else about this; just make it an issue between you and Jesus.  Stop living for yourself.  Live entirely for Him.  Over time, you will bring upon yourself fewer calamities. 

Let the kindness of God do more than pick you up after you’ve fallen down.  Let it prevent you from falling down.  Let the kindness of God lead you to repent.

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