The Mystery of the Ages

God’s kingdom is a mystery to the wise and intelligent of this world. 

His kingdom does not subject itself to the scientific microscope and so scientists cannot dissect it.  His kingdom transcends philosophy and so philosophers cannot pigeonhole it.  His kingdom is priceless and so the wealthy cannot buy it.  Thus His kingdom is a mystery to the high and mighty of this world.

To every person who humbles himself, however, God will make known what are the riches of the glory of His kingdom through Jesus Christ.  That is, if you will acknowledge that it has been God who has been working in you your whole life to lead you do what is right, and that His name is Jesus regardless of your religion or lack thereof, He will lead you with even greater power and clarity to do what is right all the remaining days of your life.  Even if you are a scientist, a philospher, or wealthy.

Think about it:  How is it that this name of Jesus, so despised among the elite of society, continues to survive in the earth?  Why is it that His kingdom endures while earthly kingdoms only rise and fall?  If you are arrogant, you cannot see His kingdom.  In fact, it seems like foolishness to you.  But if you humble yourself before Him, you can see that everything else is foolishness.

Jesus is the mystery of the ages for those who don’t acknowledge Him.  They just don’t get it.  He is the revelation of the ages for those who do acknowledge Him.  They get Him.

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