The Riches of Christ

Everything wrong in this life stems from disconnectedness to God.  Were every one of us to reconnect to Him, and stay connected, there would be no sin.  If there were no sin, there would, of course, be no consequences of sin.  That would mean no earthquakes, famines, wars, pestilence, sickness, hatred, divorce, or anything else of this nature.  Every aspect of life would be blessed.

How then do we solve the problem of disconnectedness from God?  He solved it through Christ.  In Christ – that is, in the resurrected God-man Jesus of Nazareth – we have everything we need pertaining to life and godliness.  In Christ we have a covenant better than the covenant God gave Abraham and his descendants.  In Christ we have a promise from God to meet every need we will ever encounter.  In Christ we have confidence of a home in heaven after this life and His abiding presence with us between now and then.

Do you think that God has riches?  If you do, then dwell on this:  All the riches of God are ours through Christ.  All of them.  Let us therefore seek Him with all our hearts that we may receive the riches that are ours and forsake this spiritually poverty-stricken existence we have led.

Here’s a clue for finding the riches: seek first His righteousness and everything else you want or need will simply be added to you.  That means you give up selfishness for selflessness.  You give up love of self for love of others.  You give up the love of money for the love of God.  What you give up, however, is not worthy to be compared to what you will gain as you receive the riches of Christ.

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