God Is Not in a State of Suspended Animation

The doctrine of the trinity has falsely portrayed God as if He was in a state of suspended animation.  On the contrary, here’s the reality:

God knew from the beginning what He had to do to solve the problem of evil.  He created the heavens and the earth with humans as the supreme beings on earth – subject only to Him.  Thus when Adam and Eve sinned, it did not spoil God’s plan.  Rather, He knew this would happen because sin had preceded the creation of the heavens and the earth.  The serpent was merely the agent of Satan, the angelic evildoer with whom the problem of evil had originated.  In other words, we human beings were created to solve the problem of sin and evil which actually had preceded us.

God knew that we were weak and that He Himself would have to become one of us to ultimately solve the sin problem.  When He came to earth as Jesus of Nazareth, creation was operating according to all the instructions He had given.  As an Israelite and descendant of David, He had only to rely on the promises in the Scriptures (that is, the writings of Moses and the Prophets).  Thus when He died, He was raised from the dead.  The promises would have allowed as much for any other descendant of Abraham, but none of the rest had been sinless and thus hadn’t qualified for the full extent of the promises.

When Jesus was on earth, He talked of God in a “Father-Son” metaphor.  He was playing the role of the Son, relying on the promises He had previously made as God.  When He ascended into heaven, and especially when the kingdom of God came as the apostles were passing away, He came as the Father.  Since the kingdom’s coming, all of us are sons.  He had lived the role of a son Himself to show us how it ought to be done.  Selflessly.

The Holy Spirit has been the personal agent of God in the earth ever since creation.  He was the connection between God’s throne and Jesus.  And He is the connection between the resurrected Jesus and us.  He always represents God, but that doesn’t require us to say that He is God.  The Jews have been right about this all along.

The trinity portrays God as if He’s three persons in one God.  The reality is that God is one – just as God had made clear to Abraham , and just as He had impressed upon the Israelites through Moses (and this is something else the Jews have been right about all along).  God was God throughout all time before Jesus appeared.  He emptied Himself of all Divine privilege to live the life of Jesus the Christ.  He was raised from the dead and became the Father of all through His ascension into heaven and His coronation in the kingdom of God.

The Christians have been right all along about the supremacy of Christ, but they stop short of the full supremacy He deserves by subordinating Him to another person of God in their trinity doctrine.  It’s a convoluted image but has helped them keep people coming to church.  Unfortunately, neither the trinity nor churchgoing is anything God is promoting these days.  His interest in the kingdom of God which means each of us submitting to the rule of Jesus in our hearts.  If we were to all do this, the earth would look like heaven.  (By contrast, if everyone went to church, the earth would look like church – which outcome would you prefer?)

Here’s the review:  God was over all, became the Son, and now is the Father over all forevermore.  The suspense is over.  Jesus Christ was God in the flesh.  He’s not coming back in the flesh anymore.  He had been God exalted on high.  He descended to earth to be human.  And He has ascended on high again for all eternity.  Let’s be done with the vain imagination of suspended animation…and serve one God in clarity of mind!

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5 Replies to “God Is Not in a State of Suspended Animation”

  1. First off I would like to thank you, and say blessed be those who bring people closer to Jesus.
    I was having real trouble with the whole trinity issue before reading though your post and responses on people comments. I feel things are a lot clearer now and for that I thank you.
    Question is
    John 14 verses 6-7
    How can people go though Jesus to get to the father If they are one?

    John 5 verses 16-18
    How can he and his father be working at the same time?

    I truly appreciate any effort made to answer these questions of mine. For I know you have many questions to answer and for that I’d like to extended a thank you in advance for any information given.
    Steve moreno

    1. When God became a man – that is, when God Almighty became Jesus of Nazareth – He had to forego the characteristics of being divine so that he could take on the characteristics of being human. Thus, Jesus lived like we do – in complete dependence on the promises God had made in the Scriptures and the provision He had made through the Holy Spirit, the angels, and all other aspects of His creation. Thus while, for example, angels were carrying out His will previously made known to them when He was God, Jesus lived and worked as the Messiah according to the role He had defined and described for Himself through the prophets. He could not have done so with all of the knowledge He had had as God, for how could he have been truly human if he knew all the things God knows?

      There are many posts on this subject at Posts to Date on the Trinity Versus Christ. They will likely answer your questions. If not, I do not mind if you keep asking. I am happy to tell you what I know. But I also want to assure you that Christ Himself wants to be your teacher, too. My goal is to teach you enough that you can turn away from me and depend entirely on His teaching.

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