God Has Done Everything in Christ

It is so easy to overlook the magnificence of the work God has done in Jesus Christ.

Through that one life, all eternity changes.  That we divide all time on earth as that which came before Him (B.C.) and that which comes after Him (A.D.) is but a small token of the greatness of His work.

Through Christ, the power of death has been destroyed.  Death used to be a gateway to oblivion; through Christ it has become a gateway to heaven. 

Through Christ, the very structure of the universe has been irrevocably altered with resurrected human beings reigning above angels in the heavenly eternal order.

Through Christ, the division that previously existed between Jew and Gentile, and between the church and those outside the church, have been completely done away.  In fact, through Christ every person in the human race has the same privileges in His administration – He does not distinguish between nationalities, ethnicities, religions, or even genders. 

Through Christ, the future of the earth and the future of heaven have been completed secured.  Throughout all ages, God in Christ will reign as King.

Through the life of one man, God has accomplished everything.  The magnificence of His work defies description but begs our praise.  To God be the glory!

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