You Don’t Need Faith to Be Resurrected

You don’t need faith to die.  Everyone dies.  You don’t need faith to be resurrected from the dead.  Everyone is resurrected from the dead.

Through Adam, sin and death entered the world and spread to all humanity.  Through Jesus Christ, righteousness and life entered the world and spread to all the same people. 

No one had to tell you about sin in order for you to die.  Neither does anyone have to tell you about Jesus in order for you to be raised from the dead.

The judgment for sin is death.  But the free gift of God through Jesus Christ is life after death.  Everyone is going to heaven.  Its a free gift from God – just like the original life He gave you.  Only resurrected life is eternal, and has no sin or death.

This is all the doing of our loving and forgiving Creator.  Through Jesus, He solved our problem.  Everyone was dying and descending to the grave.  God became a human being and suffered death Himself…and then rose from the grave so He could take all humanity with Him to heaven.

There is no catch.  There are no hidden fees.  You don’t have to go to church.  You don’t even have to become a better person, though doing so would spare you more wrath while you’re here on earth (the more you sin, the more trouble you bring on yourself and others).  Just as faith is not required for you to be able to die, neither is it required for to live after you die.  This is all the free gift and working of God.  How could anyone not want to serve a God like this?  Jesus is His name.

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