God’s Morality Makes Every Life Worth Living

Morality is what makes life worth living.  That’s why the dignity, meaning, and worth of life have nothing to do with how much money you have or how successful you are.  A celebrity, a statesman, and a billionaire have no ability to live a better life than the poorest, most obscure person alive.  We all have moral choices to make every day.  Making them according to God’s standards gives us dignity.

Do you see your life in terms of outward success?  If you’ve lived long at all, you know that this does not bring peace to your soul.  Do what you do every day in the sight of God, however, and you will know peace and joy in your soul every day.

Jesus Christ demonstrated for us the worth of an individual life.  That is, the God of all creation thought human life worthy of living.  We thus have the greatest reason in the world to hold up our heads and do what is right and honorable in the sight of God.

Don’t try to do what is right in the sight of other people for their approval – you will miss the reward and make yourself miserable.  Do what is right each day in His sight and feel His pleasure in your heart.

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