A God Worth Serving

What a privilege that we should be able to know the character of God!

He was willing to come down off His throne and live life as one of us.  He was tempted in all things, just as we are, except that He never yielded to the temptation.  How amazing that He did that!  No one forced Him to do it.  He did it willingly.  It was all His idea!

Not only did He live life without sinning, He experienced temptations too strong for us to imagine.  Think of the Son of God, after all He’d done in His earthly life (not to mention all the good He’d done in His heavenly life), hearing taunts and jeers, being whipped and spat upon.  And then the terror of death on a cross!  And in the face of all of that, He did not revile or threaten retribution to anyone.  What kind of a God is this that so loves a humanity who shows Him only contempt?

It may have even seemed crazy, but time has shown the wisdom of His ways.  Those men who walked with Him on the earth, the ones who got scared at the end and hid from the authorities?  After His resurrection, they were following in His steps, laying down their lives for others, praying for those who persecuted them mercilessly.  Even Stephen, who had not been one of the twelve, was stoned for his faith and with his last breath said, “Lord, please don’t hold this sin against them.” 

Oh, the wisdom of the character of God – not only is it other-worldly in its death-defying love…it reproduces itself in others!

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