God Moves in Imperceptible Transitions

One of the reasons that people have a hard time seeing God’s answers to their prayers is that they forget that God most often moves in imperceptible transitions.

Think of how day turns to night.  Is it like a light switch that goes from on to off?  No, it’s so gradual you’d be hard pressed to name the second that it switched from day to night.  Same with the seasons.  We can mark a day on a calendar when it ceases to be winter and starts to be spring, but nature moves much more gradually than that.  What about the process of turning a seed into a plant?  Everything about it is gradual.  We get up each day and go to bed each night – it’s all happening continuously, and without our involvement.  Growth is dramatic when witnessed over time, but in the moment it seems like nothing is happening.  You can notice that grass has grown, but it is practically impossible to watch it growing (unless aided by time-lapse photography).

We should not be surprised if the means God uses in nature are the means He uses in other aspects of life.  Therefore, when you pray, give yourself time to see God’s answers and you will see lots more of them.

Just keep planting those seeds, and don’t sit down by the side of the road to watch and see if one of them is growing.

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