God Is Willing to Be the Consolation Prize

I am amazed at God’s love.  And continue to be amazed.  He is so humble that He is willing to be the consolation prize of our life.

We seek fame, fortune, family, honor, and a thousand other things good and bad – all in the hope of being happy in life.  Sooner or later, we find out that the pursuit of these things doesn’t bring happiness. We either fail in the pursuit, and thus become unhappy.  Or else we succeed in the pursuit, and then become unhappy (because the joy associated with them was not enduring, or it was insufficient to transcend other troubles we encountered).  These are usually the times we turn to God.  And, amazingly enough, He lets us find Him! 

(By the way, why is it that this Consolation Prize is so much more wonderful than anything else we had been seeking!)

We don’t usually seek Him when we’re on the way up.  That’s when our hope of worldly success is still high.  It’s when we’ve fallen, or when we’re on the way down, that we say, “O God, I’m sorry; please help me.”  If God were anything like us, He’d say, “I told you so.”  Fortunately, for us, He’s not anything like us. But His intention is that we should become like Him.  That’s what repentance is for.

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One Reply to “God Is Willing to Be the Consolation Prize”

  1. I mean that this post is definitely another jewel I discovered on your blog, Mike.

    Perhaps God is so patiently watching us seeking happiness because He knows the specific moment in time when we will finally turn to Him. And He knows that we will be surprised at the previous consolation prize turning out to be the jackpot. 😉

    It might sound a little bit strange to say that before I met Him, I never knew what my life was for. Now that I’ve found that lover-friend who made me so full of hope of things to come, I can hardly wait to meet Him personally. It’s so simple but I can’t deny that His love is the grand prize (Phil 3:14) the apostle Paul spoke of. Living by the Spirit …together with Him is like a rehearsal for the real thing in heaven. There is no other way when it comes to the truth than to keep up, until this race is won.

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