You Do Not Have to Read the Bible

It is not necessary for you to become a Bible reader in order to know and please God.  He makes Himself available to every human being through His Holy Spirit.  He lives in your heart, particularly in your conscience, and He will lead you and guide you in the choices you should make in life.

I am not saying you would do wrong to read the Bible.  I myself love the Bible more than all the other books in existence put together.  If you want to read the Bible, by all means read it.  It will enrich your life beyond any expectation you may have.  The point I am making is that God does not require you to be knowledgeable about the Bible in order to please Him.  In some parts of the world, people don’t even have access to one.

It says something about both the power and nature of God that He does not insist that you become a Bible reader.  His power is such that He can make His will known to every human being who will listen.  He is not limited by the person’s ability to read.  Thus He can reach the blind, the illiterate, and even the literate who have not read the Bible.  As for His nature, it shows that He is kind-hearted and generous to not lay such an additional burden on you.  His only burden is that you love Him with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.  Do that, and He’ll be pleased.

God’s issue with us has never been that we won’t read the Bible to find out more of His will.  Rather, His issue has been we won’t do His will that we already know and understand.

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