Are You Caught in Any Sin?

Some sins beset us easily.  Others are persistent and hard to shake.  Some sins we particularly loathe but feel helpless to resist.  I will tell you something now that will enable you overcome any one of these sins.  You can be free.

Acknowledge Jesus as the living God.  Trust the reality of His resurrection from the dead and His reign over all heaven and earth.  Accept that He loves you.  Now…try to please Him.  Try to please Him just the way you’d try to please a person you want to marry, the way you’d try to please an employer who has a job you want, the way you’d try to please an important person you wanted to impress.  If you will seek God’s approval with this sort of effort, and you know that He hates the sin that you’ve been indulging, you will find the power to do right and not sin. 

It is that simple.  When someone is caught in sin it is simply because they do not “see” Jesus watching.  He either doubts Jesus’ existence, His character, or His power.  Accept all three and you can resist temptation.  It is not always easy, but it is always this simple.  Practice it and you may find it difficult to “keep your eyes on Jesus,” but keep practicing it and you will be free. 

Therefore, your problem has not been that you’ve sinned too much; rather, you have not loved your Redeemer enough. 

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