End Spiritual Apartheid!

In the 20th Century, segregation was brought to an end in the USA and apartheid was brought to an end in South Africa.  What these systems had in common were that they were a means of keeping people separate from one another who had no other reason to be separate except prejudice.

It’s time we ended spiritual apartheid in the earth as well.  This sort of segregation occurs when groups assemble in the name of God, claiming an exclusive relationship or doctrine or grouping.  These assemblies create a sense of superiority in groups, though the degree of superiority varies by group – some being less toxic than others.  They are all corrosive, however, because they imply spiritual divisions among humanity that simply do not exist in the mind of God.  He sees one family and He dislikes anything that sows discord.  He would agree with many who decry religion as a great source of evil in the world.

The solution is to recognize that we are one human family and that God dwells among us.  For this purpose Jesus Christ died and rose again: to make us one in Him.  He is present with every person and no one has to go anywhere to find Him.  He – our Creator and Redeemer -achieved the oneness; all we have to do is accept and not resist it.

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