All Are God’s Sons and Daughters

In this age – that is, the one that began just after the New Testament documented the closing days of ancient Israel – all people are sons and daughters of God.  There is no other status a human being can have.

(By the way, whether we say “sons and daughters of God” or “sons of God,’ the meaning is the same.  God is neither male nor female, yet we most often refer to Him (or He).  Even so, the term “son of God” or “he” in that context refers to a child of God irrespective of earthly gender.)

Sons of God vary in their degree of obedience – even in the course of a single day.  It is God, however, who judges obedience and disobedience and it is not our place to make such judgments.  Some people will call themselves “Christian” as if that naming change marked their transition from disobedient to obedient.  Such self-describing labels are irrelevant to how obedient we are being to God.  There is no commandment from God that we should call ourselves Christians.  God does not regard Christians differently from His other children.  He regards all with respect and care.

He is more disposed, however, to assist the obedient children in the same way that an earthly father will chip in and help a son who is doing his chores but will not lend a hand to a son who is stealing cars.  Of course, our sins are not always so blatant…but you get the idea.  Disobedient children of God are still children of God.  Nevertheless, seek to be an obedient child of God.  It’s better for you, for God, and for all of us.

Even if, however, you consider yourself the most obedient of God’s children on earth today, remember this that Jesus said to His disciples:  “When you have done all that you have been commanded, say to yourself, ‘I am only an unworthy slave; I have done only that which I ought to have done’.”  To be clear, Jesus said when you’ve done ALL that you ought to have done, say this.  What then must we say when we think we’re His most obedient but still haven’t kept all His commandments?  The point is that the most obedient of God’s children don’t brag; they’re humble.

By the way, I think that when Jesus endured insults, received the scourging, and was nailed to the cross, that he said to Himself, “I am an unworthy slave; I have done only that which I ought to have done.”  Why do I believe that He said such a thing?  Because it’s easier for me to believe He said that, than to believe that He did not practice what He preached.

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