The Atheists Have All My Blessings

Because Jesus loves the whole world, He established a covenant to bring blessings to every single human being.  Every person receives God’s blessing on their good behavior, every human being suffers judgment for his sins, and every person will go to heaven when he dies.  Whether someone calls themselves a Christian or an atheist is independent of all this.  In fact, what you call yourself is irrelevant and useless.  It’s what you think, say, and do that matters.

Therefore, an atheist is entitled to all of the same promises and benefits of God as someone who professes Christ.  The same is true for agnostics, and for adherents to every religion in the world.  Every person is a child of God, entitled to his portion of God’s inheritance.  Am I troubled by this?  Why should I be?  God is free to be generous.  That I am not excluded from this inheritance given to all humanity is something for which I am deeply grateful.

Someone will object that the atheist doesn’t know about his blessings and therefore can’t partake.  I will then say that I myself do not know the full extent of my blessings and to that extent cannot partake.  What doesn’t change is that we are both entitled to the same full inheritance.   

I don’t even see an atheist as an atheist.  I see him as a brother, not through a label.  Just because he doesn’t see eye to eye with me today does not mean he won’t tomorrow.  To his own master he stands or falls.  And stand he will, for the Lord is able to make us both stand.

Only Jesus Christ is loving enough and powerful enough to have brought this about.

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