Parties, Factions, and Divisions

Whenever people start dividing themselves into groups proclaiming God’s unique favor and an exclusive grasp on truth it makes most of us uneasy – and well it should.  There was only one group God so chose.  It was ancient Israel.  It began with one man, Abraham, and ended with one man, Jesus of Nazareth.  Ancient Israel’s testimony is complete and resides in the Bible.  Some people think only of associating the Old Testament with ancient Israel  but the New Testament was also a document of Jewish production, and its central character was from the line of King David – as Jewish as it gets.  Moreover, the apostles who were responsible for the New Testament were themselves Jewish through and through.

That testimony of ancient Israel told of a coming age in which benefits greater than what had been available to the Israelites would be available to the whole world.  That is the age that came shortly after Israel’s temple and nationhood were destroyed, and that age continues until now.  Thus, any group, faction, party, or division which claims special status in the eyes of God today is off-base and acting without direction from God.

There is a nation of Israel today but it is not connected with the Israel of the Bible except by common physical ancestry.  It is not the instrument of God as was ancient Israel.  Similarly, there is a church today (actually multiplied thousands of them) but it is not connected with the church of the Bible except by common vocabulary.  It is not the instrument of God as was the New Testament church.

In this age, everyone is a child of God.  Everyone has access to the truth.  Everyone is taught of God.  This is the inheritance of humanity due to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth who was, and is, the Messiah of Israel, the Savior of the world, and God Almighty Himself.

Therefore, you are right to feel uneasy when any group claims special status from God.  You know God.  Trust Him and do what is good in His sight.  Lean on no group who claims to be an intermediary for Him.

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