Instead of Going to Church, Pray

Those of you who go to church, consider this:  Instead of going to church for the next month, spend all the time you would have spent churchgoing in prayer.  For example, if you would be spending two hours on church this coming Sunday (time at the church, travel time, and prep time), then you would spend that time alone with the Lord.  Do the same for every other church activity you normally attend.  You could consider it “fasting” time from the church – only you are giving the time directly to God.  (Could God possibly object?)  Do this for a month and see what happens.

For those of you who don’t go to church, which would you rather do:  Spend time with God or spend it in church activities? 

To all:  Devotion to church is no substitute for devotion to God.  Church is people – God is God.

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