Pure and Simple Devotion to Christ

Living with God is not complicated.  Not at all.  It’s a simply a matter of keeping a heart constantly open to Jesus.

Begin here:  You accept that Jesus is.  And you accept that He is who, and everything, He says He is.  This means that you accept Him as the resurrected Man, who before His humanity was God Almighty and now again reigns as God Almighty.  And that He will so reign forevermore.

This means that He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.  God couldn’t be God without having these attributes.  He is also righteous and holy.  Far more righteous and holy than anything on earth.  You also recall from what you know of His earthly life that He was kind and generous to all.  Moreover, He did not retaliate when He was rejected, attacked, and crucified.  Put all this together and you have a conception of God that is worthy of your constant devotion.

You rebuild your inner consciousness to allow for this constant conception.  That is, you think every thought with the awareness that He sees you, and cares about you.  Of course, you should remember that He also cares for every other person with the same commitment He has toward you.  This will keep you appropriately humble.

Harbor only thoughts that would please Him.  You will be tempted to think vain thoughts, to lust, to think greedily, to be jealous, to hold grudges, and much more.  But you do not have to indulge these temptations.  Resist them and God will give you purer subjects on which to dwell.  Keep your heart as pure as new-fallen snow.  When you fail in this, ask for His cleansing forgiveness.  Only with a purified heart can you maintain a constant consciousness of the One who loves you.

Further, spend time before Him with a quieted heart daily so that you can hear His direction for your life.  As you go through the day, you remember what He has said to you so that you can resist temptation and complete your day being able to say that you kept what He told you and were obedient to it.  At the end of the day, you want to sense Him whispering to your heart, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 

It’s really no more complicated than this.  You don’t need to go to church.  You don’t have to “be in fellowship” with other believers.  You should not be ashamed to acknowledge His omnipresence to anyone and tell them what He has done for you.  But you do not have to label yourself as a “Christian” or identify with any religious group large or small.  In fact, to do so would take you away from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.

Christ created the world.  That He should be acknowledged in it should go without saying.  In our mere proper acknowledgement of Him, He will grant us everything we need for a righteous, peaceful, and happy life.

Be devoted to Christ.  Keep it simple and keep it pure.

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2 Replies to “Pure and Simple Devotion to Christ”

  1. The Word says we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together and it talks about the body being many parts and to gather together all the more as the final day approaches and that iron sharpens iron and brother his fellow man, and that anyone who seperates himself seeks his own glory. God plants us in churches, under the authority of a pastor who as the word says, has been given responsibility to watch over our souls.

    Think about it, Jesus said if any man loves me he will obey me, and how can you call me Lord if you dont do the things I say. If all theses things are in the Word and yet people disregard it, it is called rebellion.

    My brothers and sisters in Christ, this blog post is erroneous in saying you dont need to be knit to a church and be part of the body that way. Whoever wrote this post is a seperatist and most likely doesnt like to submit to authority if they have such a problem with submitting to a church and a pastor.

    Follow the teaching of Jesus…they were always together, even in Acts and all throughtout the bible Paul talked about the churches and Jesus in Revelations spoke to the churches. Jesus never meant for people to be seperatists, he always sent people out together and even Paul had those by his side and saught and “longed” for the fellowship of the brethern.

    If you truly love God, you will want to be with the brethern. For how can we say we love God if we do not love, serve and be devoted and in covenent with the bretheren… is this not rebellion against the Word and the Spirit of Christ and humilty?

  2. Encouraging, and being encouraged by, other believers is a good thing. But to be under the spiritual authority of another believer is not appropriate in the kingdom of God. They kingdom of God came at the end of the New Testament age – just as and when Jesus and His apostles said it would. Should we act as if they were wrong? God forbid!

    He who seeks a human spiritual leader is separating himself from God. Seek the Lord. And seek Him with all your heart.

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