The Whole World Is in Christ

The apostle Paul wrote that if anyone was in Christ, he was a new person – that old things had passed away and new things had come.  He was speaking of spiritual things – things that the human eye cannot see, but real nonetheless.  In fact, spiritual things, if anything, are more real than things you can see with you physical eyes.  What you see with your physical eyes will pass away; what’s spiritual abides forever.

Paul also wrote that this newness on the inside of a person would come to all people.  Jesus Christ would dwell deep in the conscience of every person.  This occurred around the end of the 1st Century A.D.  That transition from time marked as B.C. to that marked as A.D. is also noteworthy for the world’s transition from centuries of polytheism to the centuries since then of monotheism.  This inward change in the hearts of mankind accounts for this outward transition in worldview.  Thus it was a very powerful change that occurred in people, even if imperceptible in the moment.

This does not mean, of course, that every person you encounter will acknowledge the Christ who lives within him, the Christ in whose world we all now live.  Nonetheless, it is true.  People listen to their consciences to varying degrees.  There are many who hear the voice of God and obey it, not even acknowledging that there is a God.  God is comfortable with this because He would rather people do the right things in life than to recognize Him.  Of course, it’s only when we recognize God that we can fully do what is right in life – He Himself is the ultimate guide to what is right.  Nonetheless, He is not on an ego trip and doesn’t need our recognition.  He’s just pleased to be able to help us know the right things to do, and to give us the strength do them.

From now on, whenever you deal with any other human being, recognize that it is a new person inside with whom you are dealing.  Even if the person’s nature seems cold and callous, deep inside lies a connection to the heart of God.  Therefore, always see people for who they are in Christ.  Always see them in terms of their divine potential.  Recognize and deal with their better selves.  I’m not saying you won’t ever be disappointed; you will.  I am saying that seeing God in others will make your life and theirs better…much better.

There is no person you will ever meet who does not have the Spirit of Jesus Christ in them.  Do not be dismayed if, if the short-term, this does not seem apparent.  In due time, it will be revealed.

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