Better to Act Christlike Than to be a Christian

A Christian boasts in his faith.  A Christlike person boasts in God.

A Christian seeks the approval of like-minded Christians.  A Christlike person seeks the approval of God.

A Christian thinks that what he says about Jesus is what counts.  A Christlike person believes that what he does for Jesus is what counts.

A Christian believes he has received a different and better nature than a Non-Christian.  A Christlike person know that his nature – for good or bad – is just like everyone else’s.

A Christian claims an identity as a follower of Christ.  A Christlike person follows Christ.

A Christian believes that God sees people in two camps: Christians and Non-Christians.  A Christlike person believes that God sees no distinctions among people other than the degree to which each person obeys His commands.

Let us cast away the “Christian identity.”  All people are the Lord’s people.  You do not become more of the Lord’s person by claiming to be a Christian.  In fact, that claim just becomes a distraction to your pursuit of becoming more Christlike.

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