In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?

In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?  was a book written by Charles Sheldon in the late-nineteenth century.  It’s been in print ever since then, and in recent years spawned a trend that had WWJD as an emblematic motto for thousands of people.  It also became a point of contention and even mockery in some circles.

The novel tells the stories of people in one town who decided to spend a year making decisions after first asking themselves, “What would Jesus do in this situation?”  The thrust of the book was toward what many people would call the “social gospel.”  This simply reflected, of course, the author’s view of what Jesus would do in that day and time.  Some people, then and now, think Jesus would have people do differently than Mr. Sheldon had them do.  The fact that people would answer the question differently, however, is no reason not to ask the question.

I think it’s an outstanding question to be constantly asking.  Only ask it of yourself – not others.

Don’t ask, “What would Jesus have the other person do?”  That is a toxic game of judgmentalism that will make you sick.

And don’t ask others what Jesus would have you do or else you’ll become confused by their different answers.

Do, however, ask yourself often, “What would Jesus have me do?”  Even your own answers will change as you mature in righteousness and in walking with the Lord.  The time will come, however, when you won’t have to imagine what He would do in your situation, because you will ask Him and He will answer you.  You will know in your heart, because it will be Jesus in you willing to do that which He wants to do. 

By the way, here’s the starting point of all His answers to all His children:  “Let all that you do be done in love.”  If you will let this be your guide, it won’t be long before you’ll be hearing more precise answers from His mouth.

Even if all you do, though, is wonder what Jesus would do, you’re still closer to walking in His steps than if you don’t even care.

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