Jesus Is Here and Is Calling for You

Jesus is not far away.  He fills the heavens and the earth.  Therefore, He is near to you.  He is…wherever you are.

Moreover, He is calling for you.  He knows your name.  He’s known you since He formed you in your mother’s womb.  He longs to have fellowship with you.  He longs to teach you the right way to live, to guide you in every decision, and to lead you in a life of righteousness that will bring a continual flow of peace and joy to your soul.  Even if you have heard Him before and wandered away, He still calls for you.  Even if you have resisted Him over and over in the past, He still calls for you.  Even if you have told Him to never call to you again, He still calls for you.

I do not say that the church is calling you.  I do not say that Christians are calling you.  This is where so many people become sidetracked.  They want to know about Jesus so they think they have to join something – because this is what they have been told.  I’m telling you, however, and your own common sense is telling you, and the Holy Spirit is telling you…that if Jesus is calling you, then you should go to Him and no one else.

You know His name.  He will speak to you in the subtlest of whispers.  Listen to Him with all your heart.  Whatever right thing He shows you to do, do it.

He is here…and He will never go away.  He is calling for you…and He will never stop calling for you. 

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