Smoothing Out the Ride to Heaven

We are all going to heaven, but we are going to have to live better if we don’t want the ride to be so bumpy!

Even though everyone is going to heaven, God still judges sin.  He must, because righteousness is His nature and He’d be derelict as God if He didn’t send wrath for our sins.  Thus the sexual immorality that pervades our society is creating for us a debt of judgment that will be painful to pay – for us and our children.  Now is the time to repent from lust, greed, and the secrets of the heart that drive the blatant hedonism that has today become socially acceptable. 

The repentance I’m describing is not some organized boycott.  Instead, it is each individual opening his heart toward God to ask for cleansing.  It’s our thoughts where all sexual promiscuity begins.  God intended sex for one man, one woman, and one lifetime.  While He does bless exceptions based on circumstances, that’s not a license for all the smut we see in television, movies, and other entertainment media – as well as what’s found its way into daily conversation and human interactions.

There are many sins of which we need to repent besides those of a sexual nature.  Jealousy, strife, murder, malice, gossip, and unforgiveness are a few that immediately come to mind.  Given its relentlessly increasing permeation of popular culture, however, as well as its central role in the healthy perpetuation of humanity, sexual immorality is a good place to start. 

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