Some People Go to Church to Avoid Persecution

Some people go to church simply because they have an interest in faith but are afraid of being persecuted.  No one will persecute you for going to church – at least not in the USA. 

Church provides a safe haven for those who want to talk about Jesus.  Plus, people in the workplace will like you more if you restrict your spiritual conversations to your church – wherever that is.  They don’t care where it is as long you don’t mention Jesus at work.

Of course, Jesus is everywhere – including the workplace.  If people don’t want to talk about Jesus, they don’t have to.  But that doesn’t change the fact that He’s present.  Neither does it provide a good reason for going to church. 

If you truly want to live for God in this world, you are going to suffer some degree of persecution.  Seeking to avoid it by restricting the practice of your faith to church will remove all the power and practical benefit of your faith.

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