The Church Has No Monopoly on Christ or the Bible

Jesus Christ owns all of mankind and belongs to all of mankind.  The human race was the prize for which He gave His life.  He cannot be claimed as the special province of any group of people – even if they choose to call themselves by His name (Christians).  Every culture, every nation, every race, every tribe and family is heir to the riches of grace given by God through Jesus Christ.

Likewise, the Bible cannot be claimed as exclusive to those who call themselves Christians.  As Christians can find meaning in the Jewish Bible (the Old Testament), so the rest of the world (whether of any religion or no religion at all) can find meaning in the Christian Bible (the New and Old Testaments).  The Bible is a book about righteousness.  Yes, that righteousness begins with faith in God.  But a person can certainly have faith in Jesus without going to church or calling themselves a Christian. 

Jesus is the Savior of the whole world and is available to help anyone who asks Him.  The Bible is the faithful account of His life, including its context which, of course, is the life of ancient Israel.  That this includes a brief account of the original creation is an added benefit, for it explains why Israel and its greatest son, Jesus of Nazareth, were required.

Would that every person in the world who wanted to know about God and His righteousness knew that Christ and the Bible are as much his as anyone else’s.

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