Die Early; Live Sooner

Did you know that once you die, you will be completely free from sin?  You will no longer be tempted.  You will be completely removed from the system of this world.  You will be in heaven and there is no evil, nor temptation to do evil in that realm.

Death is the judgment for sin.  God made this clear in the opening chapters of Genesis.  Once the penalty has been paid, you’re free.  Thus, once you’ve died, you’re freed from sin.

There is, however, a way to be free from sin without dying first.  Well, actually you do have to die – but it’s not a physical death.  It’s a death to yourself, and to the way of life your self has known.  That is, you die to self and live to God.  Another way of putting it is that you die to living merely according to the world you can see, and live according to the world you cannot see.  This is called…faith.  Faith is the conviction, the assurance, the confidence about things you cannot see. 

Another way of describing this state of being is eternal life.  That is, you forsake the life you used to live in order to embrace a life of constant awareness of your Creator and Teacher.  You can wait until  you die and go to heaven to experience eternal life, or you can begin to experience it now.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to put it off?

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2 Replies to “Die Early; Live Sooner”

  1. Why some wicked people would have so much fun in their lifes but some diligent people would have a dull life? But they all need to die. I don’t think these wicked people can receive eternal life and many Churches are wrong. God would ignore these and let these evil things continue to happen in the world. But what is heaven? I think people only focus on their present life, heavenly place and righteousness are some things too far. Some people have been learning scriptures for many years but they haven’t learnt how to love others. These same kind of pattern continue to run but the heavenly place is some entirely new experience. I don’t want it to come to me at once. This will be too much to see.

    1. Jesus Christ has come to give us a better way to live this life. Acknowledge Him as Lord and receive forgiveness for your sins. He will heal your conscience and lead you to live life more righteously. This will bring you benefits in this life as well as the one to come.

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