He Picked One in Order to Lose None

Throughout Bible history, God chose individuals.  Contrary to popular opinion, He never chose them to the detriment of others.  Quite the opposite.  He chose them to bless others.  That didn’t, however, keep the unchosen from disliking it.

God chose Abel, and Cain didn’t like it.  God chose Isaac, and Ishmael didn’t like it.  God chose Jacob, and Esau didn’t like it.  God chose Joseph, and his brothers didn’t like it.  God chose the Jews, and the Gentiles didn’t like it.  God chose Jesus, and neither the Gentiles nor the Jews liked it.  There is a pattern here.

The more important aspect of the pattern, however, is that, over time, the wisdom of God’s choice is revealed to benefit all concerned.  If God had chosen the wrong person, His blessing could have been restricted and not reached everyone it should.  As it was, God’s wisdom was revealed in His choices who always sought deliverance for more than just themselves.

Most importantly, God’s choice of Jesus was to benefit Gentiles as well as Jews – the entire human race throughout all ages.  Jesus was the one person who ever lived who had both the willingness and the ability to save every human being who was ever conceived.  Through that one choice of Jesus, God could make sure that He never lost a single human life – yours and mine included.

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