Christian Is Not a Name You Should Choose for Yourself

If you call yourself Christian, why do you do so?

We have no commandment from God to use such a name.  When first used, the term Christian was a term of mocking, like “Little Christ.”  Thus the early Christians did not call themselves Christians; they loved Him, and this title of scorn from their persecutors became for them a badge of honor.

Typically, people use words like “Christian” to describe to which religious grouping they want to be seen to belong.  God, however, doesn’t care about religious groupings, or with which of them you want to identify.  He wants to relate with you; not have you relate with other people about Him.

Jesus came to give us a personal relationship with God.  Wearing labels like “Christian” takes the attention off that relationship and puts it on our relationships with others.  We already have relationships with others – it’s a relationship with God that we so desperately need!

If, because you are relating to Jesus, people take to calling you “Little Christ” or some other term of derision derived from His name because you often speak of Him, then wear that as a badge of honor!  You will have earned it.

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