Religious Labels Don’t Mean Anything to God

All of the names by which we divide ourselves in the name of God – Christian (or any of its denominational subdivisions), Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, and so on – have no meaning in the sight of God.  He doesn’t care anything about these labels.  He looks at each of us as His children.  Our degree of obedience has nothing to do with labels because He doesn’t command us to take or apply labels.

(By the way, God doesn’t even care about irreligious labels like agnostic or atheist.  If someone is truly, say, an atheist, God knows it.  That a person may wear a label to other people about this subject is an additional and irrelevant fact.)

People seem to invest a lot of energy into the religious identity which they have – whether they have it by heredity or by choice.  God, on the other hand, is completely disinterested.  Labels are what we say we believe; God already knows what we believe.  What He cares about is righteousness.  That is, He cares about the behavior our belief produces:  Do we love our spouses?  Do we give our employer an honest day’s work?  Are we generous with the poor?  These behaviors are independent of religious heredity and affiliation.

Since God doesn’t care about these labels, why should we?  With regard to ourselves and to others, let us give as little attention as possible to them.  

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2 Replies to “Religious Labels Don’t Mean Anything to God”

  1. Irregardless of how we actually came to be on this world, we do share some common characteristics with our fellow creatures who live in a social community. We use signs of status to indicate our place in the society, and our acceptability to be approached and communicated with. There are some rare individuals who, through a defective gene set, lack the ability to read these social signs, and who actually treat all the world as if part of the same loving family. They must be watched carefully, 24 hours a day, all their lives, or risk the real possibility of being preyed on. It is then, the most natural thing that an element of many peoples lives that is as important as their religion, be connected with signs and status. They belong to this group, not to that one. They have this belief set, not that one. “By this you shall know them”. I simply think it is interesting to reflect that those few individuals who, through a gene defect, have fully embraced the ideal perspective of the world without status and pretense, are in fact at high risk and are are a burden. It makes the factionalism at least a little easier to understand.

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