All Are Sinners; All Are Saints

All of us are sinners – we’ve proven that.  Line us up next to Jesus of Nazareth and no one stands as tall.

We also have, however, the seed of the Divine within us.  The Holy Spirit speaks to every human conscience.

Which shall you ultimately look more like – a sinner or a saint?  That’s your choice.  But the power to achieve the saintly choice – that’s God’s. 

The good news is that He’ll give you all of His power that you need.  And He has more than enough.

(Are you tempted to split the difference between sinner and saint?  If so, you don’t love God very much.)

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2 Replies to “All Are Sinners; All Are Saints”

  1. I think your ariticles are very clear and they describe some issues somewhere in my mind. Your blog have that in details. But do you think we shall in general help ourselves and others in our present lives, and then may be we can talk about that power with God after death only?

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