Who Are the People of God?

Who are the people of God?  People.  All people.

That’s right. All people are the people of God.  There are no people who are not God’s.  Jesus died to make it so.

Oh, there are some people who don’t act like God’s people – I’ll admit that.  But then you’ll have to admit that you and I haven’t always acted like God’s people either.  That behavior doesn’t change who we are; it just means we should be ashamed of ourselves for the way we behaved.

I’ll also admit that there are various groups of people who claim to be the people of God, implying or stating outright that others are not.  Those claims, no matter how vehemently they’re made, don’t alter reality.  God created all people…and He redeems all people (Everyone Is Going to Heaven).  The devil may have us for a time (Judgment Is Upon Us), but God has us for eternity.

The next time you see any person or group of people, recognize that you and they – and everyone else – comprise the people of God.

Let’s try to live up to that name.

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