The Bible Does Not Belong to Christians and Jews Only

The Bible is not the province of Christians only, or even of Christians and Jews only.  The Bible belongs to everyone.  It is an inheritance granted through ancient Israel to all humanity.

The Bible speaks to people of all religions…and to people of no religion.  It tells of the righteousness that God expects of us: that we should trust Him and do good.  More specifically, it explains that we should love Him above all else, and our neighbors as ourselves.  This morality is independent of religious affiliation, ethnic origin, political proclivities, and any other form of human classification.  It applies to everyone.

Most of all, the Bible tells of Jesus Christ, who demonstrated the prescribed righteousness.  Note well that He also is not the province of Christians only, for the resurrected Jesus was, and is, and ever shall be, the God of all humanity.

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