The Kingdom of God Is Remembering What You Know

When you realize that you’ve wandered from God, remember what you know.

Deep down, you know the right things to do in life.  The reason they’ve been hard to discern is that you’ve ignored and suppressed them so much of the time.  The reason that they still exist within you, even if buried by layers of this ignoring and suppressing, is that God resides in your heart.  He’s been urging you – attempting to break through your hardened heart. 

Some people, when they sense these urges, say to themselves, “I’ll go back to church.”  That, however, proves to be only a passing remedy.  A better solution is to remember the things you’ve heard in church – and begin practicing them.  In church, people say all the right things.  The problem is with what they do.  Or rather what they don’t do.  That is, they say things but do not do them.  Therefore, when you remember what you heard in church, practice it.  But don’t repeat the folly of returning to a society where it is more important to appear righteous outwardly than it is to be righteous inwardly.

Besides, the truth you’ve heard in church is truth you already know.  You know that you should love God.  You know that you should love your neighbor as yourself.  You know that you should forgive others to the same extent you want God to forgive you.  Your problem has never been that you didn’t know enough about what God wanted.  Rather, your problem has been that you haven’t been living up to what you already know what God wants you to do.  Do that, and He will tell you more…and from the same place that He spoke to you in the beginning:  in your heart.

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