You Can’t Outsource Your Relationship with God

Many people use church as a way to outsource their relationship with God.  They can go when they want.  The clergy keeps up with God, so as long as they’re in good standing with the clergy then everything with God is hunky-dory.  The only problem is, God doesn’t care about that parishioner-clergy relationship.  He wants to know you!

The reason God wants to know you is to cleanse your heart and help you live a life of moral excellence.  You improve your morals when you hang around with people who have better morals than you.  That’s going to have to be God because most other people’s morals aren’t any better than yours. 

You become like those you are around.  Therefore, if you really want to live a righteous life, then hang around the Righteous One.  Be aware of God every waking moment possible.  Practice this and it will become natural to you.

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