As Surely As Everyone Dies, Everyone Goes To Heaven

As I have heard it cleverly said, there is a 10 in 10 chance that you are going to die.  Put more plainly, you are going to die.  Everyone will die.  It is the surest experience in life.  (Not even birth is as sure as death, for there are those – I am ashamed to say – who are cut down while still in the womb.)  Everyone, yes, everyone dies.  Even Jesus died.

Jesus, however, was resurrected.  And because He was resurrected, we shall be, too.  This resurrection is no less certain than death, because both occur by the same authority – our Creator’s.  As death was an act of His judgment, so resurrection is an act of His mercy.  Therefore, there is no more reason for you to doubt that you will be resurrected than to doubt that you will die.  They are two milestones in the very same process.  This is what Jesus and His apostles taught us.  There’s no choice for you to make.  Be sure that it will happen.

While there is no question about your resurrection, however, there is a question of whether you will be raised to glory or disgrace.  The answer turns on the degree of morality in your life.  Each person is judged according to the light he or she had.  The more we know of God’s will, the more strictly we are judged.  It’s not how much we know that counts – it’s how much we acted according to whatever amount we knew.  If you are concerned that you have not lived as righteous a life as you should have, then repent.  If you are confident that you don’t need to repent, then reconsider – because you’re probably a hypocrite.

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2 Replies to “As Surely As Everyone Dies, Everyone Goes To Heaven”

  1. I was quite interested in your post about salvation. At 3am this morning, I spent at least 15 minutes trying to simplify (the Baptist Church belief about) salvation into just one sentence!

    “No one can get us into heaven but Christ, & apart from having faith in Him, there is nothing we can do to get there.”

    That sentence did not make it into our latest posting. It should have been the first sentence of the last paragraph. I hope that you give it a read.

    May God’s grace & peace be with you.


    1. I did look at your site. If you stay devoted to the Scriptures you will come to see the kingdom of God.

      As for your summary sentence, I agree with the first part of it: “No one can get us into heaven but Christ.” I would end it by saying, “and by His grace everyone will get into it.”

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