Q: Can’t Church Be a Place Where Believers Encourage One Another in Their Collective Journey?

A: First of all, life with God is not a collective journey.  He seeks a relationship with each and every person.  Jesus doesn’t affiliate with groups, for then He would have to work through the organization’s leaders to get to its members.  Rather, He affiliates with individuals.  Therefore, you cannot walk with God collectively; you can only walk with Him individually.  Secondly, believers can encourage others anywhere.  They are not restricted to certain locations or times.  Lastly, if you’re seeking to receive encouragement about your faith rather than give it, then you may be looking in the wrong direction.  Look to God, not to people for the strengthening of your faith.

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2 Replies to “Q: Can’t Church Be a Place Where Believers Encourage One Another in Their Collective Journey?”

  1. God doesn’t want us to meet in groups? Then why does the Bible tell us to do just that? Why are two or more to gather in his name? And what is it to you if people do decide to meet in groups to worship and learn? It’s really none of your business, Mike. If you don’t like churches, that’s between you and God. Your message is not encouraging to the body of Christ.

    1. I do not see any churches today meeting in His name; rather, they meet in their own names (e.g., the First Denominational Church of Wherever, or the Such-and-such Christian Fellowship). Nevertheless, to the degree that any such group teaches about Christ and promotes faith in Him, I rejoice. Unfortunately, most promote themselves more than Him.

      As for worship, that can only occur in spirit and truth and has nothing to do with a group or a location. All humanity is the body of Christ and I am trying to encourage every person that he or she can worship Christ at all times and without an intermediary.

      I recognize that some of the things I write are hard to accept if you have been steeped in contrary ideas. If we both keep seeking the Lord, however, we will eventually end up in the same place, for the One you love is the One I love also.

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