Qualified to Serve

Are you qualified to serve God?  Yes.  What qualifies you?  Actually, it’s not what, it’s who.  Jesus Christ qualifies you by virtue of His sinless life and selfless crucifixion.  When He qualified you, He qualified everyone else as well.  Therefore, you are no more qualified, nor any less qualified, than any other human being to serve God.

For this reason, we ought not to look down on people – as if we were qualified to be their judges.  Nor should we look up to others – as if we could never attain to their level of holiness.  Rather, we should determine in our hearts that we will look up to God and live up to His standards.  He will accept our movement in His direction.  His ultimate expectation is perfection, but His initial expectation is merely progress.

We are qualified to serve Him.  If He is the one who qualifies us, who can disqualify us?

Live your life morally, not in comparison to others, but in comparison to Him.

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