Kicking and Screaming

Will you be dragged into heaven kicking and screaming?  Or will you enter skipping and dancing with joy?

Everyone is going to heaven, but you don’t want to be taken there against your will.  It won’t be nearly as glorious that way.

You want to enter heaven with your head held high because you’ve already repented and begun restitution for your sins on earth.  You want to have already established an intimate relationship with the Lord.  You will want to have grown in His grace and favor during these, your remaining, days on earth.

Begin the rest of your journey toward heaven simply by celebrating His great mercy.  And look around you: see where there are needs that you could fill.  You won’t have to look far since the world is crying in need every day and the poor are always with us.

Partake of His love while you are still on earth.  You need it here more than you will in heaven for in heaven there will be no resistance to it as there is here.

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4 Replies to “Kicking and Screaming”

  1. We cannot kick and scream in our country because the government is oppressive. Secret police may monitor the network and if there is something wrong they will give serious attention and snuff/arrest it. Do you believe it?

    1. Government and secret police cannot monitor the communications you have with God in your heart. Listen to Him, do what is right in His sight, and do not be afraid of anyone on earth.

  2. How can poor are always with us? If they are poor how can they have money to give birth and hence more poor people? If they are poor they shouldn’t have money to give birth. But how can there be so many poor children?

    1. “Poor” is a relative term. Human beings have freedom to behave how they will. Because of this, there is variation in life’s outcomes. (This sometimes extends from one generation to the next.) Thus, there is always someone less well off than us. Therefore, there is always someone who is “poor” by comparison, and toward these people God would have us show our compasssion and share our blessings.

      Compared to God, all of us are poor. He shows us compassion and shares His wealth with us. Therefore, when we help others, we are following His example.

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